The Python Django Series – a post of software awesomeness

I’ve been in hibernation for quite some time as I have lots of projects that I have to attend to. Today, I need to finish some of my hobby project including my sites that has been Idle and just say “Coming Soon” for some time. They will all be hosted and run via DJANGO, hear it 🙂 , djang-go and its awesomeness.

I have already my initial wireframe and my theme to worked with, the succeeding post then with this title is my documentation of how things going while doing this project.

I’ll post another hot topic soon :).

Tomboy: a post-it notes apps



The last time i’ve heard is that tomboy is related to LGBT community term but that was changed when I’ve encountered a semi-post it notes desktop application in Linux Desktop. Yes its a software , a note taking software that helps a lot in organizing and documenting text. I’ve used this one for quite some time. Googling for some related documents on this software, i’ve found out that its not limited to Linux OS alone, but for Mac and Windows as well.

It has a wiki link system that when you write something and decides that there will be another link on it, you just have to click the link button.

If you’re in debian based distro, just do “apt-get install tomboy” , should be automatically added in your system.



Blender: The best Opensource 3d Software

box_display.png mamagembalay.jpg fia-nathan.jpg bahaykubo2.jpg








I’m returning to my study now in Blender after getting bored of doing some programming task.  These various renders has been for a while and I need to get this updated starting today.  I even ordered 3 books from Switzerland just to get started this. I have few community that I get involved with online including the Blender Philippines before but I didnt get to finish my interest here as there are some pressing task that I have to attend.

Again, this is is my return to the blender software and my rendered 3d before.


Thanks and enjoy 🙂



Fix: Error on py2exe script when wxpython version changes

When you change the version of the wxpython and then rebuild the py2exe script you made, there were some errors that shows up and that it cant be compiled to exe as expected. When this happen,  you need to check  your “build” folder.

And then on the  at the beginning of, type the following:

# cleanup dist and build directory first (for new py2exe version)
if os.path.exists(“dist/prog”):

if os.path.exists(“dist/lib”):

if os.path.exists(“build”):

This should fix the problem you have.

Opencart SEO url in Nginx sample

Here is my sample URL rewriting definition for opencart SEO links that I hope to be useful on other developers running in NGINX. Notice that I have /opencart/ as the path of my opencart installation.


    location /opencart/ {
        try_files $uri @opencart;

    location @opencart {
        rewrite ^/(.+)$ /opencart/index.php?_route_=$1 last;

    location /opencart/admin/ {
        index index.php;

    location ~* (\.(tpl|ini))$ {
    deny all;

Starting a New Project in wxPython

I’m starting a new project now. This time instead of pyGtk, i’m switching to wxPython, i’m giving a go on this as i’m getting bored on doing something on pyGtk.  Here I will post the development on the project.

This is a POS project that will be based on SqlSoup, Sqlite and wxPython.  I will post a github link later.

See you then everyone. Thanks.

.NET ComboBox Value Assignment notes

Recently i’ve encountered issue on assigning a value on ComboBox.   I’ve propagated the combobox value on the collection and I was assuming that everything will work as it is.

this.cboAvailableOnlyTallyTH.Text = this_particular_string; //this one is not working

this.cboAvailableOnlyTallyTH.SelectedText = this_particular_string; //this one is also not working

this.cboAvailableOnlyTallyTH.SelectedValue = this_particular_string; //this one is also not working

So frustrating that i’m really wondering why the value wont be assigned as i’m expecting. Later i realised that there are some extra spaces on the values which the string wont match.  I’ve finally fixed the issue by using the assignment statement .

this.cboAvailableOnlyTallyTH.SelectedIndex = this.cboAvailableOnlyTallyTH.FindString(this_particular_string;






Error code 9009 due to Missing ResGen.exe

I have this error :
When compiling a certain program, the error is showing :

The command “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\ResGen.exe” “C:\Users\jojo\Desktop\project\Asterisk.NET.\Asterisk.NET.Test\fastagi-mapping.resx” fastagi-mapping.resources” exited with code 9009. Asterisk.NET.Test

I’m using MS Visual Studio 2008, and please note that the location of Resgen now is in : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\

So changing the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\ResGen.exe”

to “@”%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Bin\ResGen.exe”. fixes it.

HP Compaq PC that uses Intel 82566DM network problem in Linux

The problem of this pc is upon installation of Centos 5.7, the network is up but if you ping the other pc its just saying “Destination unreachable”.

The fix for this problem is this:


1) Download the driver from that site. Note the e1000 not e100, this is gigabit..

2) tar xfz e1000-<x.x.x>.tar.gz

3) cd e1000-<x.x.x>/src/

4) make install

5) modprobe e1000


After doing the the #5, do the command service network restart in the CLI.