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Fix: Error on py2exe script when wxpython version changes

When you change the version of the wxpython and then rebuild the py2exe script you made, there were some errors that shows up and that it cant be compiled to exe as expected. When this happen,  you need to check  your “build” folder.

And then on the  at the beginning of, type the following:

# cleanup dist and build directory first (for new py2exe version)
if os.path.exists(“dist/prog”):

if os.path.exists(“dist/lib”):

if os.path.exists(“build”):

This should fix the problem you have.

Google Chrome – No space between words in pdf

In my ubuntu Natty, the rendering of my php script  in google chrome  displays without spaces between words in pdf. But if i view that on other OS like win7 or winxp with google chrome, the script will just display fine.

It turns out that the problem is i need an MS true type core  fonts on my ubuntu. So here is the command:

apt-get install msttcorefonts
fc-cache -fv

This is free anyway, you just have to agree with the EULA during installation.


Those were the days :)

I’m listening to the music of Alturas while they playfully plucking there guitar through their latino style rendering of the song – Those Were the Days. Those were the days then when I’m exploring C++ with the gtkmm wrappers.

As Mary Hopkins loudly sings..

Those were the days, my friend
We thought they’d never end…

Definitely it ends with the coming of the more interesting Python. Though I still love programming in C++ (the output of my work is shown below) I’m hooked with Python right now.

Here are the output program for linux and windows using gtkmm .


compiled and run using windows gtkmm version…


compiled and run using ubuntu linux gtkmm version…