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Toggling-on of VIm Syntax Higlighting

I’m using cream most of the time on my python development. As the site says – a modern configuration of VIm, it really is. What I like on Vim is that it has this tab editing, syntax highlighting and etc. Though most of those available text editors has this function, this is a software which I’m comfortable with. Occasionally, I have to use someones terminal when it is necessary, and found out that my fav syntax highligthing feature of vi is not available. I’ve searched on the net on how to toggle this kind of feature. I’ve found it and here it is:

There is a global configuration file of VIm called vimrc. On the case of my ubuntu the vimrc file is available at /etc/vim/vimrc.
To toggle the syntax highlighting, simply add the line : syntax on. Thats all 🙂 Feature activated!!